Thankfully 2010 proved hard to pick out 10 truly bad films, whether they be hugely misjudged, poorly acted, total failures, or botched opportunities this was a year where I saw only a handful of films that could fall into any of those descriptions, mediocrity was rife as ever but all the real stinkers just about fill the Top 10 Worst as judged by Movieblaze, it is important to note that there are obvious omissions as I simply couldn’t face Sex and the City 2 or The Last Airbender or any number of other shoddy releases I simply couldn’t find it in myself to waste two hours of my life on…as these 10 abominations did!

So in ascending order here they are,

10.) Repo Men, this was an early one out of the gates arriving in the first quarter of 2010, the signs were bad and general reception far worse frittering away any good-will Jude Law had built up after Sherlock Holmes. A confused mish-mash of pointless gore and witless action culminating in on of the year’s daftest endings (and not in a good way), also Forest Whitaker…why? We thought your B-movie days were long gone!

9.)  Tamara Drewe, oh dear what a misjudged effort from a usually good director. It had all the ingredients for a solid Bridget Jones’ style rom-com, albeit with a little edge, but managed to mangle something that should be light-hearted and fun into a boring and tedious slog through country-set affairs of the heart amongst characters with no charm or redeeming features, nasty in the worst way imaginable.

8.) Legion, the first of a a number of badly missed opportunities on this list, Legion is pure high-concept heaven, an angel is sent to protect the human race by using BIG GUNS, instead a budget that barely covers the cost of a weak cast simply fails to do the concept justice. Paul Bettany is desperately in need of a hit, suffice to say this is not the way he should go about doing it, by playing an angel bereft of any angel-y aspects (no wings, duh!). Movie-hell for sure!

7.) Saw 3D*, Where would this roster be without the latest Saw entry, and Saw 3D proved no different with yet another weak entry in the one time great series (well the first film was anyway). Slightly better than the last two but that’s like saying syphilis is better than herpes! 3D helped not one iota in attempting to inject originality meaning we were left with more dull traps and a convoluted plot that at least saw some kind of conclusion, though don’t count out another one despite “The Final Chapter” subtitle. *Though on a side note, this Halloween’s other horror Paranormal Activity 2 was lucky to miss out on this list!

6.) The Expendables, what a massive waste, not so much of talent but of testosterone. Let’s face it we weren’t expecting great acting or pathos, but some spectacular action harking back to the 80’s heyday of Stallone et al would have been nice, instead we got a bog-standard DTV effort that, save an okay opening, failed to deliver a memorable scene for the entire running time, shocking considering how many icons were involved and the promise that this would be the action film to end all action films.

5.) Jackass 3D, it came as a shock to no-one that this was simply more of the same, though what that actually meant was more of the same just not funny as the stars of Jackass look as tired throughout as you will come the end of the 90 minutes of bodily fluids flying around between dire sketches involving men dressed as OAP’s or gorillas. Here’s hoping the guys have decided to call it a day before all the good-will for what once was funny has dried up!

4.) Predators, it is questionable whether this would have been any better had Rodriguez himself taken the helm as it’s problems reach far beyond simply plodding and pedestrian direction. Bad casting is a big hurdle to try and overcome, and it is one that hinders something that has the potential to be good fun from the off. That the title promised swathes of the titular aliens is misleading and those that do appear have nothing redeeming as far s entertainment goes beyond a cool intro, definitely the years biggest disappointment.

3.) The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, the saddest thing about this entry is that as a trilogy the adaptation’s of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy could not have had a better or more promising start as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was certainly one of the best thrillers of the year narrowly missing out on a top 10 spot, where that had pace, thrills and involving characters you cared about this is just plain dull, plodding and bereft of any pace or a satisfying conclusion.

2.) Gulliver’s Travels, a late entry but as deserved of its place as any, why anyone thought that the source novel would make a good Jack Black vehicle is anyone’s guess and it turns out to be as hideous a mess as you’d expect. Squandering all the comic talent involved while throwing up numerous plot points that are neither built on or offered a satisfying resolution…and whoever thought having the villain be a sub-par Transformer really needs their head testing, it’s a truly bad film that makes you yearn for the ineptitude of Night at the Museum!

1.) Burke & Hare, a case of all the right elements being there, just that none of them gel properly. John Landis return to the directors chair has not been the thing of dreams despite his old stomping ground of comedy horror, An American Werewolf in London this is not. Even Simon Pegg can’t save this one, with a confused tone and one of the worst plot machinations of the year that involves raising money for an all female production of Hamlet!!! the abundance of British comedy greats can’t mask that there really isn’t a single laugh to be found in the script meaning that it completely misses both it’s genre bases (comedy and horror) by a country mile to morph into the years most excruciating cinema experience!