Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J. Miller, Mike Vogel, Nate Torrence

Director: Jim Field Smith

Writer(s): Sean Anders, John Morris

Cinematography: Jim Denault

Original Score: Michael Andrews

Running Time: 104 Mins.

She’s Out of my League hardly present’s us with an original conceit for a rom-com, affable loser falls for stunner and all manner of hilarious antics ensue, as plot’s go it could be written on the back of a stamp. The thing is, what makes or breaks a rom-com  is very much down to how it is put together, get the elements just right such as an excellent cast and you have a corker of a comedy, i.e. The Girl Next Door, add a really great script and you get a comedic masterpiece, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin, in fact (based on this mantra) almost anything Judd Apatow puts his name too with the exception of Drillbit Taylor!

So it should come as a nice surprise to see an Apatow bit-player ascending the heights to leading man status, Jay Baruchel is a winningly likeable actor with a nasal groan of a voice that coming from the mouth of anyone else would likely be hugely annoying, but like all great comedy actors he makes it his calling card, droll delivery is his staple and if you liked it in small doses, fear not for he carries a film exceptionally well, balancing the likeable everyman persona with the appropriate level of funny one-liners means he offers a fresh take on a stale stereotype.

You will be unsurprised to learn that the plot is a mish-mash of scenarios and stock characters from a wealth of past films, though the execution is serviceable on the whole what raises She’s Out Of My League’s game above many of its peers is the casting all round, each actor, with the exception of one or two is both talented enough to be truly funny and has enough heart to make them emminantly watchable right down to the inevitably over-bearing family. The real belly laughs are to be found in the interplay between Baruchel and his trio of friends, resisting the urge to be simply funny bit parts they are all afforded enough screen-time to create a three-dimensional person from the male “bonding” scenes!

What really makes the film a winner though is the sheer level of laughs, with each and every one hitting the bullseye, ranging from sniggersome in a slow-ish build start to the all out hilarity of one or two scenes that could well have been stolen whole-sale from American Pie but work like a charm none-the-less. So while the romance between Baruchel and a stunningly beautiful Alice Eve is less than believeable, something which is intentional for a change, you will watch and love their characters, a bit of a coup of Eve’s part as she provides proof that stunning actresses can be more than just window dressing, gamely entering into the gross out levels the film has a habit of hilariously resorting too, hardly high-brow enteratinment then, but great fun!


Jay Baruchel is a winning leading man but it is the sheer sense of fun that carries She’s Out Of My League beyond the comedic staleness the plot would suggest we were in for, consistent laughs then and a great cast, what more could you ask for of a comedy!