When it comes to choosing the worst films of the last year I didn’t realise until looking back exactly how many real stinkers I had watched, there were many huge disappointments (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Funny People) and a lot i expected nothing more than awfulness from (The Descent: Part 2, My Bloody Valentine, The Final Destination) with one or two “so bad they were kind of good” (New Moon) examples, but in assembling the ten worst films I’ve tried to take into account acting, direction and most importantly general enjoyment (or lack thereof) and in the case of Richard Kelly’s The Box and Triangle some plot coherence, so for your (dis)pleasure here are my choices for the years 10 worst films, feel free to debate until your heart’s content…

The Box was just, simply put, a total mess mistaking utter drivel that makes no sense for cleverness, the actors all look lost, I know the feeling!

In The Loop was really just a pretentious Brit-com rolled out to feature length, mistaking constant use of swearing for comedy in the face of political satire, this was not big and neither was it clever.

He’s Just Not That Into you was the rom-com at its lowest ebb, chock full of stars who were clearly just in it for the paycheque, even justin long and Bradley Cooper can’t save this one!

The Spirit was a feeble attempt to repeat the success of Sin City, and succeeded only in proving that Frank Miller can’t direct, let alone control the wild eyed Samuel L. Jackson.

Darg Me To Hell was a misjudged attempt at melding gross out comedy with horror, needless to say it failed and was neither scary or funny, getser nose-bleeds just don’t do it for me I’m afraid and on this basis Id’ rather Sam Raimi didn’t return for Spidey 4!

I Love You Beth Cooper was shockingly bad, lets be honest it is really hard to make a teen comedy befeft of ANY laughs, but Chris Columbus succeeded, even the presence of the stunning Hayden Pannetiere couldn’t distrcat me from the deeply annoying leading man!

Triangle, like The Box mistook a jumbled plot for a clever plot, making next to no sense upon its conclusion I literally felt as though I had wasted 2 hours of my life!

Couples Retreat really should have been funny, I mean Vaughn, Favreau, together again, sadly what was once a byword for hilarity ensuing is now a byword for lazy obvious unfunny rom-com!

Halloween II should have seen Rob Zombie let loose on the franchise, no holds barred, sadly what that meant was an awful abundence of dream sequences and a plot that disregarded what it is that made Michael Myers scary in the first place.

…and finally comes Knowing ( there had to be something here starring Nic Cage, didn’t tehre really!) as bad as last years The Day The Earth Stood still it used that age old cop out “twist” ending of aliens, a bit like The Box then, but at least the plot of Knowing made sense even if it was rubbish!