In this post-modern world where style seems to take precedent over substance it should only really follow that looks should take the same hierarchy above talent. You need only look at the Best Actress category come award season and you can predict to see the same name’s time and again. It would seem we are spoilt by the wealth of male acting talent, yet when it comes to actresses only a handful of names spring to mind…

Mention their looks on the other hand and this is seemingly where the big money is and the abundance of “actresses”, maybe it is the fickle male species fault, looking no further than the stunning outer shell as opposed to judging on the often dire acting talent, point in case being the delectable Megan Fox who is now very much Hollywood’s woman of the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, using looks to sell something is as old as time itself and in film history you need only look at Monroe or Hepburn for evidence of this, but behind their faces was great talent, and icon’s in the making, does someone seemingly as vapid on the inside as Fox have the legs to be remembered in years to come…?

But dig a little deeper and there lies a very savvy woman, she is far from dumb and realises her talents as an actress are never going to let her live up to the “next Angelina Jolie” status she was once blessed/cursed with, in fact in response to be likened to a less talented Scarlett Johanssen she responds “I don’t want to have to go on talk shows and pull out every single SAT word I’ve ever learned to prove, like, ‘Take me seriously, I am intelligent, I can speak”, yet she also recognises she is not Meryl Streep, fully aware she is “not going to win an Oscar soon.”But she also admits that without beauty she would not be where she is now, proving she is a very tuned in and self aware woman, owed a lot more credit than that given her.

Yet she continues to prove she is that most post-modern of women, taking her image and toying with the audience using it to her advantage, that her next film, the knowing teen-horror Jennifer’s Body, is some indication as to how far Fox is prepared to go in her self-parody, playing a demon High School stunner who ironically uses her looks to draw in guy’s and suck the life from them.

So consider for one moment this, what is more false, the self aware actress with aspirations to entertain on the back of her critics, or she who craves award recognition amidst the pretentious awards season marketing machine where period dramas and endless biopic’s run rife?