Peter Berg has been talking to MTV about the gathering storm that is Hancock 2, and while it’s not a watertight casting announcement, he seems pretty confident that “everybody’s going to come back for the sequel”.

He was specifically responding to a question about Charlize Theron and Will Smith, but “everyone” also implies PR man Jason Bateman: good news if it’s true, since he quietly walked away with the original film.

Work is already underway with The Shield’s Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara currently working on a script. The scant details revealed previously were that Hancock 2 would “build on the world hinted at in the first movie”, but Berg has now added that we can expect to meet at least one more of the al-powerful god-race to which Hancock and Mary belong. Berg has “someone in mind” for the part, but won’t reveal who. Tease!

Theron told MTV a few weeks ago that “the Will Smith train is really nice to ride”. Us mortals can only imagine.