Bad Boys 2 may have been the sequel that nobody/everybody (depending on who you are!) asked for, but we bought it anyway and it took a reported $273m worldwide. Its stars (well, Will Smith and Michael Bay) have risen astronomically in the years since the 1995 original, but The Hollywood Reporter says this morning that “all parties have expressed a willingness to return if a story can be hammered out”.

Enter Peter Craig, who’s knocking out the script as we speak. An established author of “darkly comic novels”, and a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop under the tutelage of Tobias Wolff (thanks Wikipedia!), he’s recently been working on the screenplay for Cowboy Bebop, adapted from the anime and set to star Keanu Reeves as Spike.

Bad Boys was solid but unremarkable. Bad Boys 2 was an absurdly overblown, late-coming surprise follow-up, which mixed the good (it’s sporadically funny and has a freeway car chase which knocks a similar scene in its immediate contemporary The Matrix: Reloaded into a cocked hat), the bad (it was two and half bloody hours long) and the ugly (another, supremely bad-taste, but very funny, chase in which morgue-corpses are strewn all over the road). It was so ridiculous that it was a key inspirational source for Hot Fuzz.

So what do you think? Is there any way that Smith and Bay will actually turn out for this? And do we want them to? Was Bad Boys 2 fun enough to warrant more, or have we had enough already? Over to you…