Today I am all aflutter because we just heard that the Vin Diesel-starring xXx: The Return of Xander Cage sequel has landed a director, and it’s the similarly macho-named Ericson Core. Just as soon as we get a Max Power and a Trent Steele up in here, it’ll be the most testosterone-y film ever.

The Return of Xander Cage, whose death in the second film was clearly some kind of, like, ruse rather than an inconvenience to be brushed aside to keep the franchise going, sees Diesel’s extreme sports enthusiast turned government agent return to the NSA eight years on. And, er, that’s all we got. But we are willing to put money down now on things EXPLODING and GOING FAST and PEOPLE JUMPING OFF HIGH THINGS. We’re a little bit psychic that way.

Core previously worked with Diesel when he was cinematographer on The Fast & The Furious, and turned to directing a few years back with Mark Wahlberg / NFL drama Invincible. He steps in to fill Rob Cohen’s shoes after the latter abandoned the franchise he created (again) to go and direct Medieval.

So it looks like this is on. Let’s play Guess The Set Piece below – we’re saying helicopters through a series of underground caves. Go!