Angelina Jolie was so freakin’ cool in Wanted that it’s hard to imagine a sequel without her, but given that *SPOILER* she died at the end of the first one *END SPOILER*, that might seem difficult. Well, not for director Timur Bekmambetov, who told MTV that he’s come up with a way to bring her character, Fox, back for the sequel. 

“”If you remember from the first film, we have a recovery room with the baths of wax,” Bekmambetov told MTV. “We know how to do this, but it’s still tough to do, because the bullet is inside her head. But there has to be a reason for her to come back… and we know the reason. I think we found the reason for her to come back.”

We can only hope that Bekmambetov’s reason is as batshit-crazy as his reasons for characters doing things normally are (Loom of Fate, Chalk of Destiny, Badger of Catastrophe, whatever), but even if it’s a simple “but she was ace!” we’re willing to hear it