As I reported a few weeks ago, David Johnson, a Frank Darabont alumnus and screenwriter of Orphan, is writing a ‘gothic’ retelling of Red Riding Hood for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company. The project now has a director, in Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke.

The film seems now to be officially titled The Girl in the Red Riding Hood, and Variety describes it as a “werewolf movie with a teenage love triangle at its centre”. No stranger to teen drama, Hardwicke’s CV as a director includes Thirteen and the sk8er boi epic Lords of Dogtown, as well as the Stephanie Meyer juggernaut. She’s also prepping a modernised version of Hamlet, with a supernatural angle.

No indication yet of whether this will have a period, fairytale setting or whether the story will be transplanted to right here, right now. We’ve seen a ‘dark’ version of Red Riding Hood before, in Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber story The Company of Wolves, but the teen werewolves slant suggests something more along the lines of Wes Craven’s Cursed. Or indeed, Teen Wolf. Except, presumably, that’s not the idea…