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Starring: Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson

Director: Anne Fletcher

Writer(s): Peter Chiarelli

Cinematography: Oliver Stapleton

Original Score: Aaron Zigman

Running Time: 108 Mins.

The Proposal is unlike Sandra Bullock’s usual comedy vehicles, more akin to Meet the Parents or Wedding Crashers, most of The Proposition revolves around both Bullock’s and Reynold’s character’s bonding with his parents whilst trying to convince them, and more importantly a deportation officer, that they are a genuine couple who are deeply in love. But before I get ahead of myself…

The Proposal begins in New York, no surprise there, with Bullock’s Margaret Tate the high flying publishing Exec. and Ryan Reynolds  her assistant/P.A. Andrew Paxton, obviously comedy is wrought from this “hilarious” set up in the first 15 mins as we discover shockingly that Reynolds is a bit of a lap-dog and Bullock a bit of a bitch to put it mildly, so far so opposite’s attract.

Then the film’s title comes into play and the fun begins, you see Margaret being Canadian needs to marry to become a citizen of the USA and therein keep her job, right on cue in walks lap dog No. 1…initially agreeing for fear of losing his job Andrew  then begins to see there could be more in it for him so they both agree on the basis that they are basically blackmailing one another, far from being high brow this is an obviously fine comedy set up and one that thickens upon the pair relaising they are going to have to do much more than simply get married, they must fall in lurve!

Which brings me full circle to Mett The Parents…in Alaska, for to Maragret’s horror this is where Andrew is from and they venture there to fake a romance and announce their pending nuptuals. Now if you can’t guess where The Proposal is going you are quote frankly dumb! But as with all good rom-com’s it is in the getting there that the film is made or broken, and in a pair of winning performances from two of the comedy scenes pro’s it is well and truly won.

Bullock is as ever a joy to watch, even when she is playing a hard faced bitch, the reasoning behind this is plausible enough and gives her potentially 1 dimensional Maragret an extre 2 dimensions. But it is Reynold’s who is the star, hopefully after this, having been a big hit in America, he will become the star he is worthy of, breaking free of gurning comedies and good cameo’s in dire superhero films. His comic timing is as ever spot on and given much more to do than gurn and mug his way through there is a serious side to his character that is handled very well without jarring.

Sadly where the stars shine the support cast are gievn very little to do other than appear, Craig T. Nelson is hugely wasted as Andrew’s Father and Mary Steenbergen is basically playing the same Mumsy character she has played in her last 5 films, and the less said about the terribly wasted Malin Akerman the better. Though these really are easily forgotten problems when some of the predicament’s the central pairing find them selves in are so down-right funny…most of the time.


The Proposal is, simply put. a funny and charming watch thanks to its star’s pure comic talent and a sparky chemistry, totally predictable but total fun.