James McAvoy has agreed to star in a film that will likely be called I’m With Cancer, the Seth Rogen-produced comedy based on the true-life experiences of a Hollywood screenwriter who successfully battled the disease.

Will Reiser contracted cancer when he was 25, and fought the evil bastard over the next few years. He turned his experiences into a best-selling book, and has now written the screenplay for a comedy that dares to laugh in the face of one of the great taboo subjects. And more power to him, we say.

This project had actually been announced a while ago, but all had seemed to go quiet on the Western front. McAvoy’s casting as a character based on, but not specificially called, Will Reiser – his first commitment to a major project since last year’s Wanted, and the upcoming sequel – confirms that it’s very much a go, with cameras set to roll next January.

Rogen, who will also co-star, will produce with his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, inbetween punching and kicking things as The Green Hornet. Nicole Holofcener, director of Friends With Money and Lovely & Amazing, will direct. Mandate Pictures will sign the cheques.

Thoughts, readers? Is cancer an insidious illness that should only be discussed in whispered, solemn tones? Or is it time to laugh our asses off at it?