Having witnessed a special preview of footage from the upcoming Twilight Saga: New Moon at this weekend’s Movie Con, many allegedly went away with one thing in mind: Chris Weitz loves abs.

And if the two clips featuring the insanely buff Jac-abs Black (Taylor ‘sweet 16’ Lautner) stripping off and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson, R-Patz, or Cedric Diggory-giggedy-giggedy as the legend may also be known) getting nekked didn’t prove that point sufficiently, this brand new “Meet Jacob Black” trailer will certainly hammer it home. Here, we get to see a total of six bare bodies, plenty of honed arms in vests and Jacob modelling a strangely alluring clingy top.

Check out the second Twilight Saga: New Moon teaser here.

This film may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it will definitely cater to its core market. Girls and Twilight afficionados, get screaming now ladies!