Director Len Wiseman worked his way up from the art department to direct 2003’s Underworld, the story of vampires and werewolves locking in eternal battle because of some ancient bad blood. The film’s visuals were heavily influenced by The Matrix and, unless you were really into Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, provided Kate Beckinsale with a re-introduction to popular audiences after the horror-show that was Pearl Harbor.

Underworld spawned two colon’d sequels: Evolution and Rise Of The Lycans. The third film in the Underworld trilogy was a departure from the previous two in the sense that Len Wiseman and Beckinsale ditched out on the series, leaving Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen to take the series into it’s prequel territory.

Now, we’re hearing from STYD that Screen Gems is starting pre-production on a fourth Underworld film and that this one will be shot in 3D. This January, Rise of the Lycans performed admirably at the box office, bringing in over $91 million for it’s $35 million dollar budget. That means more vampires vs. werewolves for Screen Gems, who are targeting a January 2011 release date.

No word as of yet on the star-power that will come to the series. Obviously, the key names are Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Scott Speedman, Kate Beckinsale and/or her husband Len Wiseman behind  the lens, but no word – not even a plot – at this point.