Here’s a trailer for It’s Complicated, a love-triangle rom-com starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, from writer/director Nancy Meyers.

Meyers previously brought us What Women Want (fun) and The Holiday (dire), amongst others, so the form here is fairly clear. Hopefully this will have more in common with the less dire Kate Winslett / Eli Wallach half of The Holiday than the super-awful Cameron Diaz / Jude Law story.

The temptation, as always, is to say things like “Steve Martin used to be funny, you know”, but this actualy looks amiable enough, and it’s refreshing to see a relationship comedy with an older cast, much like Meyer’s own Something’s Gotta Give (also fun!).

Baldwin only has third billing, but it looks to me as if he’s going to comprehensively steal this movie. Find out on January 8th.