Above you will find a quintet of red eyes Vampires, known in the Twilight Saga: New Moon as the Volturi. For those unfamiliar with the ridiculously popular series of books they are basically the royalty of the Vamp world, suffice to say you may (or may not) recognise two of them as Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning, someting which pleases me greatly, if there was something Twilight lacked it was some good old thesping!

Having read the books I can’t say the look convinces me though in this tiny scale it is hard to tell for sure, one thing I do know is that neither Sheen nor Fanning are ever bad despite the film, not that New Moon is looking to be anything less than thoroughly entertaining. Anyway to tell you more about the characters would be to rob you of some of the surprise of the film but suffice to say they won’t be in it all that much, making a much more prominant appearance in later books….and films we can only expect!