2006-09-01_045256_mila_kunis_l7.jpg MIila Kunis white image by Sharapovas

Mila Kunis has joined Darren Aronofsky’s supernatural drama Black Swan, currently in pre-production and ready to start shooting in New York this autumn.

Kunis will play Lilly, a dancer with the New York City Ballet who torments rival Natalie Portman as a big performance draws nearer. But is she real or just a figment of Portman’s imagination?

As intriguing – and well-cast – as Black Swan sounds, it does leave Aronofsky’s even more intriguing RoboCop reboot on the backburner. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that MGM has started looking for a new director for the return of the cyborg law enforcer.

No such problems for the versatile and rather stunning Kunis, meanwhile, who’s juggling a variety of projects, with upcoming roles in Mike Judge’s Extract, as Denzel Washington’s assassin-turned-ally in The Book Of Eli and alongside Tina Fey and Steve Carell in comedy romance Date Night.