Not content with getting down with Julie Delphy Before Sunrise, now Ethan Hawke is taking on some vamps in distopian bloodsucker flick Daybreakers.

Check out the Daybreakers trailer here because Vampires are, you know, the in thing at the moment.

Directed by Undead’s Peter and Michael Spierig, the film, set in 2019, follows Hawke’s character Edward Dalton, a haematology researcher who lives within a world where virtually all of the population have been turned into vampires by a plague. But the vampires are in serious need as their human blood source comes close to complete extinction. So Dalton is tasked with creating a synthetic substitute, unless the human race can be saved. 

The trailer is part Blade (the good ones), part I Am Legend – and very exciting. They have crossbows and everything!  

The film co-stars the ever-scary Willem Dafoe playing against type as a good guy human, the usually nice-as-Australian-pie Sam Neill as intimidating leader of the vampires, Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman, Vince Colosimo and Isabel Lucas.

Daybreakers hits cinemas on January 8 2010 and has officially shot to the top end of my must-see movies of 2010 list.