I wouldn’t usually draw attention to bootleg scenes online, but considering the inconsiderate people behind the films featured at Comic-con don’t release the scenes online, what are we “Average Joe” public to do but go searching for the bootleg versions on You Tube (sadly the Iron Man 2 scenes featuring War Machine are yet to surface, check out the description here though), not surprisingly the powers that be tend to scour and remove said clips promptly. But for some reason these The Twilight Saga: New Moon clips have remained.

See them here and here if you wish, they are kind of spoilerific if your a new to the whole Twilight phenomenon so you may wish to avoid them and cease reading on…

So your’e still with me, having read New Moon only recently (kind of girly I know but it has werewloves and vampires, whats a guy to do!) I was slightly concerned as to how Edward’s role would be beefed up yet stay true to the actual plot (something which the latest Harry Potter film failed to do spectacularly!), however upon watching the frist scene all looks to be done perfectly well, Edward appearing as apparitions almost like Bella’s conscience. Spot on I say, also kudos for the crew sticking with Taylor Lautner as Jacob, great actor and looks like hes grown into the part well, the shirt off scene might well help him take Pattinson’s place as the No. 1 heart throb with the ladies!

The second scene while good is not as good as the first, mostly showing part of the film’s climax, like I said pretty spoilerific. All in all I think Weitz was a good choise as director and it’s looking like he has brought a bit of gloss to proceedings and a little less brooding, but a lot more fun, and yeah the introduction of werewolves doesn’t hurt!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens in November.

nb. If your an uber fan above is the new cover treatment for the book to coincide with the film, and all I have to say is damn Krisitin Stewart is looking hot!