Part of a mini-trend for home invasion movies, with films like Funny Games and Them, The Strangers scared the wiggins out of anyone who ever answered a ring on the doorbell late at night. It also made $80million on a $9million budget, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Strangers 2 is on its way.

The film film, written and directed by Bryan Bertino, saw Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman terrorised by masked visitors to their house. This new film’s plot is still under wraps, but we’re betting that it also involves masks and uninvited guests.

Bertino also wrote this sequel, but this time directorial duties will be handed over to French commercials and music video director Laurent Briet, who’s no stranger to horror after contributing visual effects to The Ring. Whether that means that this second film will have a more supernatural bent remains to be seen, but we’re betting on rather more believable scares