It’s the news you’ve all been longing for! Shock Till You Drop, in an interview with auteur Paul WS Anderson, have learned that Resident Evil‘s next eagerly-awaited instalment will see Alice and the zombie hordes in a whole new dimension.

Anderson is returning to the director’s chair for Resident Evil: Afterlife (he directed the original but only wrote and produced Apocalypse and Extinction). “I always envisioned Resident Evil as a trilogy of films,” he said of Part 4, going on to reveal that it will be a “re-tooling and rebirth of the entire franchise”. 

Most excitingly though, “we’re doing it in 3D and we’re using the same camera system as James Cameron’s Avatar.” We must all thank Mr Cameron for the awesome repercussions of his new technology.

Milla Jovovich will be returning, and the film will be out in September 2010. Well what do you guys think, more Resi movies…good or bad?