Here be the trailer for The Book of Eli and boy does the film (and the future) look bleak, in the best and most entertaining way of course!

Denzel plays Eli, a man who has survived the apocalyptic war which “tore a hole in the sky” thirty one years before. Assuming a nomadic existence, he is the sole protector of a book which contains the secrets to save mankind, and as Eli commits: “the only hope is in my hands.”

And we get to see Washington kick some serious Mad Max-y looking ass in this trailer in his bid to keep the book from falling into the wrong hands, namely those of the coniving Carnegie, played by Gary Oldman. The film also stars Michael Gambon and Mila Kunis, which is something of a dream cast considering Kunis is hot as they come, and talented to boot.

The Book Of Eli is due in cinemas on January 15 2010