George Romero’s sixth entry in the Living Dead sequence, following Night, Dawn, Day, Land and Diary, is now officially titled Survival of the Dead, according to a Toronto Film Festival press release.

Given that the plot sees a military outfit holed up on an island which is supposed to be The Last Safe Place, we thought, and we weren’t alone, that Island of the Dead was the likely moniker. But we can’t be right all the time.

Among the cast is Alan Van Sprang, who also appeared in Land and Diary. He played “Colonel” in Diary, and plays “Col. Crocket” here. So is that the same colonel? Is this the first character in the franchise to reappear? One thing’s for sure it can’t be any worse than Diary of the Dead!

Survival of the Dead premieres as part of the TFF’s Midnight Madness programme in September.