Ok, so Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland, I can’t say the prospect thrilled me, Burton has lost his edge lately and though they are gothic wonders to look at his films tend to be flat in every other area, most annoyingly in the heartless scripts.

The images that leaked of this really didn’t help that judgement and I do loathe the Mad Hatter design on principle, BUT, and this is a huge but, once I watched the trailer I was well and truly won over, stunningly beautiful (as you would expect) the blend of CGI, live action and stop motion looks gob smackingly well done, the Queen of Hearts (Helena Bohnam Carter) being a standout.

Yes Depp is once again OTT in his unique way but it works once again jusdging by the brief footage, though I hope the film doesn’t have too much Hatter, becasue that would be simply wrong!

Check the trailer out here and let me know what you think…hopefully we will have a hi-res version soon.

Alice in Wonderland is released in April 2010 and if it is anywhere near as visually arresting as Coraline it wil be something special in 3D.