Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz are in talks to join Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet, with Seth Rogen starring. What’s more, the move would see Cage signing on for bad-guy duties, which is usually more fun than his hero roles.

The film sees Rogen play newspaper publisher Britt Reid by day, masked hero Green Hornet by night (think Rupert Murdoch, and then totally the opposite), and would have Cage playing the principal gangster bad guy – criminal mastermind Mr X, we’re guessing.

Diaz is reportedly set to play a reporter and love interest, which we’re guessing makes her a new character, as the two main women in the series are Reid’s secretary Lenore Case and ‘Clicker’ Binny, a photographer.

Even though Stephen Chow, who was set to play Kato, has left the film, shooting is still due to start this autumn for release next summer. Gondry’s directing from a script that Rogen wrote with writing buddy Evan Goldberg, so expect both weird and funny.