Here we have the rather fab trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris, in it Jim Carrey plays Steven Russell, who gets in a car crash and realizes on his hospital bed that he is gay. Not just gay but lavishly so. Consumed by his new lifestyle, he becomes a Con Man to support himself, which eventually gets him thrown in jail. In the slammer, he meet the titular character played by Ewan McGregor and falls in love.

When Phillip Morris is transferred to another prison (and here’s where I abandon the semantic difference between prison and jail), Steven stages a series of sure-to-be-wacky escape attempts to try and free him.

It’s interesting that most of the footage we’ve got from this film thus far has come from France, especially since the movie did so well at Sundance and looks like one of those movies Jim Carrey could actually, you know, ACT in.

There were rumors before the film got picked up for distribution that it was “too gay” for an American audience, but that same audience just saw a whole lot of bare man-stick in Brüno and didn’t seem to mind. So, in conclusion: if that rumor was true, people really are idiots like you’ve always expected.

The trailer looks like it could be good, even though I’m pretty sure I’ll spend the first 10 minutes acclimating myself to Carrey’s new accent. And it’s nice to know inside my head that I can see Ewan McGregor in something and not see Obi-Wan Kenobi anymore.

We will soon find out “fo sho” though when it is released here later this year.