Universal UK is planning to release an edited version of Bruno with a 15 certificate on 24th July. The alternate version – with some of the ruder moments trimmed – will run alongside the original, 18-rated cut.

I could be wrong, but think this is unprecedented – to my knowledge there’s never been two versions of one film released at the same time. According to the Universal bods, the move is being made so that “younger fans” can see the film.

“Due to the overwhelming demand by fans who are desperate to see the film, we’re really pleased to be able to offer a 15-certificate version,” explains Universal International president David Kosse. “Both of these versions will allow many more of Bruno’s fans in the UK to enjoy the film.”

So would you want to watch a version of the rather hilarious Bruno with what is likely to be less male nudity and less in the way of orgies..one things for sure it will rob it of some of its shock value, and maybe a touch of the funnies!