Well, yesterday there was seemingly a titanic three-way battle between Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and, erm, Justin Timberlake to play the lead role in Warner Bros.’ big-screen adaptation of DC’s Green Lantern.

And now, at long last, the decision has been made. And it’s… drum roll…

Ah, there’s no point trying to build up suspense. It’s given away in the bloody headline: yes, it’s Ryan Reynolds, the only actor of the three who, says Variety, had his holding option extended for the week.

Of the three actors vying for the role, Reynolds was my first choice to play the headstrong, cocky Hal Jordan, a hotshot pilot who becomes entrusted with an all-powerful ring and membership of a galactic corps of green-clad cops whose job it is to keep the peace in the universe.

After all, Reynolds can do headstrong and cocky in his sleep; he’s a fine actor, with comic timing gifted to him by the Gods themselves; he’s six-packed up to the max; he’s handsome as hell (oh God, we’re man-crushing), and currently riding high after a great summer. Not only did he manage to steal X-Men Origins: Wolverine from under Hugh Jackman’s muttonchops, despite barely having more screentime than Man On Train #3, but his rom-com, The Proposal, grossed over $100 million.

Of course, this raises more questions than it answers: what will become of Reynolds’ commitment to the Deadpool spin-off? Deadpool is his favourite character, and it’s hard to imagine Reynolds walking away from a chance to get the Merc With A Mouth right, after Wolverine’s shabby mistreatment of the character. And Harrison Ford and Christian Bale are just two actors who have shown that it’s possible to balance two franchises at a time.

And will Reynolds be involved in any Justice League movie, should it ever get off the ground? How many movies has he signed up for? Variety isn’t saying.

We’re also guessing that this rules out Reynolds from any involvement with The Flash, a role to which he was long linked.

Shooting on Green Lantern is scheduled to begin in January in Sydney, with Martin Campbell at the helm. Warners is still working out a budget, but I’d be flabbergasted if the film got shut down now.