Clear some wall space, because this is a poster you will want up there. The brand new Jennifer’s Body one sheet shows exactly why, despite being a demon-possessed maneater, all the boys still love Megan Fox.

Penned by Juno writer and former exotic dancer Diablo Cody, the film is directed by Aeon Flux’s Karyn Kusama – and we can see that Fox has been suitably hottie-d up for the role (which must have been hard work) – and as the blackboard helpfully points out, “Hell Yes!” she looks good.

The film co-stars Mama Mia mean girl Amanda Seyfried, nerdalicious Hotelier For Dogs Johnny Simmons, OC pretty boy Adam Brody and Spidey editor J.K. Simmons.

Get a proper eyeful of Jennifer’s Body in cinemas on September 18.