They’re dropping like flies over at The Special Relationship, the BBC/HBO film that tracks the Tony Blair/George W. Bush partnership.

A couple of weeks ago, Peter Morgan – who had been set to make his directorial debut from his own script – departed the project to be replaced by Richard Loncraine, and now Julianne Moore has had to pull out of playing Hillary Clinton, due to a prior commitment.

As with Morgan, a replacement has been found quickly, with the ever-excellent Hope Davis joining Michael Sheen, playing Blair for the third time, Dennis Quaid, playing Bush for the second time if you count American Dreamz (and not many people do), and Helen McCrory, playing Cherie Blair for the first time.

As much as I admire Moore, I can’t help but feel that Davis may be a better physical fit for the role – and, really, there’s a cigarette paper’s width between the two actresses in terms of their talent. The Special Relationship remains keenly anticipated.

Shooting starts on the film – the unofficial follow-up to The Deal and The Queen – in London on July 20.