Judd Apatow’s Funny People boasts enough comic talent to organise its own Red Nose Day, but judging by the new and highly entertaining uncensored trailer, now up on Slashfilm, it’d be a joyously post-watershed affair with knob gags galore.

Whisper it quietly, but something serious is afoot in Apatown though: like the polite(r) version released back in February, the trailer’s rude bits are shot through with a lingering sense of regret, suggesting that this could be a more contemplative comedy than Apatow’s two previous directorial efforts, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin. After all, Funny People sees Adam Sandler play movie star George Simmons who’s forced to re-evaluate his life when he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Heavy stuff, but with Apatow cohorts Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann and Jonah Hill involved, as well as newcomers the RZA and Jason Schwartzman, Funny People looks like doing exactly what it says on the tin. And look out for Eric Bana stealing the show as the most awesomely bogan Aussie since Warney.