It’s been a darn good summer for Ryan Reynolds thus far – he’s been in two big hits, The Proposal and X-Men Origins: Wolverine… well, I think he was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

But with a Deadpool spin-off in the works, and audiences going down on one knee for The Proposal, Reynolds’ star is as high as it’s ever been. And rightly so, too, for he be awesome. And to prove it, he’s decided to parlay his newfound starpower not into a mega-budget, blockbusting behemoth, but a low-budget indie with a very intriguing premise.

Buried will see Reynolds virtually attempt a one-hander (steady, ladies) as a civilian contractor who gets kidnapped while in Iraq, and wakes up in a coffin with only a mobile phone, a candle and a knife for company. The movie will focus almost entirely on Reynolds’ character as he attempts to keep his mind intact while figuring a way out of his predicament.

Sounds pretty damned sneaky, like a politically pertinent Saw movie, hopefully with the creepiness and ingenuity of that series’ earlier entries, and without the overwhelming awfulness of the later episodes. Oh, and claustrophobes are going to hate it.

But it should also stretch Reynolds to the limit, and one thing’s for sure: nobody’s going to wonder if he’s in this movie after the credits have rolled.

Rodrigo Cortes will direct the movie, which starts shooting this month in Barcelona. With virtually one location – that coffin – any set visit’s going to be a little cramped. Which means that sound you can hear is Our Helen scrambling to book her flight.