From out of the constantly whirling maelstrom that is Robert Rodriguez’ production roster, suddenly comes Machete, the long-promised movie extrapolated from his fake Grindhouse trailer, starring Danny Trejo.

In an interview with Gordon and The Whale, Trejo states that he’s just had the nod from Rodriguez that shooting starts in five weeks, which actually chimes with plans that Rodriguez outlined in March (although what with Predators, Sin City 2, The Jetsons, Nervewrackers, and Red Sonja also currently stacking up at chez Rodriguez, those claims were easily overlooked and/or dismissed.)

No details on casting, or indeed anything at all yet, so it’s unclear whether the film will follow the trailer’s plot of political assassinations, framings and double-crosses. Can we expect to see Cheech Marin as a gun-toting priest (“God has mercy. I don’t.”)? I certainly hope so. But some good old fashioned gratuitous violence and nudity are practically guaranteed. Rodriguez back to his El Mariachi / Desperado roots is certainly something to look forward to.

Sadly though, Trejo has also put the kibosh on rumours that he’s in Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone-fest The Expendables. He isn’t. Curses.