Brit director Neil Marshall is in close talks to direct Robert Rodriguez’ remount of the Predator franchise, according to a “100% reliable source” at Bloody Disgusting.

To be clear, the contract is not yet signed over at Fox, but BD certainly seem confident that this is a done deal.

Marshall’s pedigree is chequered: when he’s good he’s very very good (The Descent), but when he’s bad he’s still not all that bad, just slightly, well, confiused (Doomsday). Predators certainly seems to fit with his modus operandi though, since all four of his films so far have been based around a team of characters under siege: by werewolves in Dog Soldiers; cave trolls in The Descent; Doomsday’s futurepunks; and the picts in the forthcoming Centurion. Seems like he’s been building towards Stan Winston’s mandible-faced huntsmen his entire career!

 Producer Rodriguez earlier this week denied rumours that he’d approached Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for a role in the movie, which is currently pitched somewhere between a threequel, a prequel and a remake. Maybe Danny Glover will be available instead!