File this under rumour for now, but Nikki Finke’s reporting that Star Trek‘s Chris Hemsworth has been cast as Thor. Hemsworth, who soap viewers will know as Home And Away’s Kim Hyde, played George Kirk recently in JJ Abrams’ hit film, and it seems to have broken him into the Hollywood big time.

Thor is, of course, the Thunder god prone to speaking in rather flowery English several hundred years out of date, and throwing his hammer Mjolnir about willy-nilly. The Marvel universe take on the character sees him spend quite a bit of time in our world, and with Thor scheduled to appear in an Avengers film down the line, expect to see him head to Earth during this story from director Kenneth Branagh.

Hemsworth apparently landed the role after a stellar screentest, only days after being cast in a remake of Red Dawn. He becomes the latest in a long line of Neighbours and Home And Away actors to make it in Hollywood.

In related news it is being reported that Josh Hartnett shall face off against Hemsworth as Thor’s uber-nemesis Loki…confirmation as I get it.