The film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s blisteringly good but deeply dark post-apocalyptic novel The Road has been delayed several times, but from recent reactions and on the strength of this trailer,  it’s not because it isn’t any good.

The story sees Viggo Mortensen’s character, unnamed in the novel and here simply known as The Man, and his son (Kodi Smith McPhee) struggling across a dead America to reach the coast and hopefully find a safe haven. Charlize Theron plays Wife, and Guy Pearce, Robert Duvall, Garrett Dillahunt and The Wire’s Michael K. Williams (“Omar’s comin’!”) also take roles.

The film’s due out later this year – expect to see it come Oscar season. And don’t be fooled by this trailer: this is no action movie, with these few seconds probably containing every action scene in the film. But trust me: as those who have read the book can tell you, it turns out that’s a good thing…