Who is Tom Hiddleston? I have no idea, but  he’s an award winning Brit who just landed the role of Loki in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor according to Nikke Finke.

With Chris Hemsworth landing the role of Thor, he needed a good actor to play the villainous Loki, and this guy looks like he’d do a good job. I know the pictures don’t’ say much so just imagine him in a green outfit laughing a lot while trying to squeeze on The Enchantress’ hooters.

It probably helps that he was in TV cop drama Wallander alongside the film’s director Kenneth Branagh and having not seen that particular programme I can’t judge his performance, but I have faith in Branagh.

My expectation is that they are casting unknown’s (with talent hopefully) to counteract the budget which will likely all be spent on the visuals. 

I think it’s good casting. I like movies with unknowns because there are no real expectations of how the character will be played if say, Josh Hartnett had landed the role. And throughout the Marvel casting process they seem to have gone for acting over star power, so I have faith adn always bear in mind with these Marvel decisions that they are looking forward to The Avengers movie.

Now all we need is some movement on Captain America: The First Avenger, I’m still holding out for Matthew McConnaughey as Cap. and would love to see him Norton’s Hulk and Downey Jr’s Iron Man join up with Hemsworth Thor, oh the possibilities!