Christmas has come early this year – before we’ve even seen summer to be precise – with Disney stealing a march on the festive cinema season by releasing a promo poster for Robert Zemeckis’ 3D take on A Christmas Carol.

Unseasonal it may be, but the poster does give us a first proper glimpse of Jim Carrey as Dicken’s bah-humbugging miser Ebernezer Scrooge. Carrey also plays the three ghosts who visit Scrooge on Christmas night and scare him into changing his scroogy ways.

Although I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental, the poster itself is not dissimilar to the poster for The Muppet Chrismas Carol, with Carrey’s bony Scrooge even sporting a Gonzo-like honker. If it’s half as entertaining as Kermie and co., I’ll be happy. 

A Christmas Carol is out in the UK on November 6.