The first footage from Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time has gone online…ish. Well, it’s on YouTube. For now.

The footage was shown as part of an ABC movie special (ABC, of course, is owned by Disney), and although it doesn’t really hint at a plot for the videogame-based movie, the visuals look purdy, whether it’s Jake Gyllenhaal and his dreamy moon-eyes staring dreamily at Gemma Arterton’s dreamy moon-eyes, or Jake Gyllenhaal and his rock-hard tasty abs training for fight sequences, or Jake Gyllenhaal standing on a mountain-top, staring dreamily into the distance with his dreamy puppy-dog eyes and his rock-hard tasty abs and… erm, that’s probably enough of that.

But wait, there’s more! Inbetween the brief glimpses at the Mike Newell-directed blockbuster, we get Bruckheimer soundbites and a quote from Jake Gyllenhaal, he of the dreamy puppy-dog abs and the rock-hard tasty eyes! What say you, Jake? “It’s amazing!” It certainly is!