Here’s a weird one: Vin Diesel has signed on to star as an expert driver in action movie The Wheelman. That’d be so far, so predictable – this is, after all, the star of the Fast & Furious franchise and a guy who eats action movies for dinner – but what’s strange about this one is that Diesel already voiced the main character for the game on which this film is based.

Meta, right? Except that, of course, the property was intended to be both game and movie from the get-go back in 2006, and Diesel – secretly a big game player when he’s not crushing walnuts on his biceps or whatever – was a producer on the game as well as playing the main character (that’s “play” in the Hollywood sense, although we’re sure he’s played it too).

The film’s storyline casts Diesel as an expert driver who comes out of retirement to protect a woman from his past. Rich Wilkes, of xXx: State of the Union, wrote the script, with Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell doing a rewrite, and it’s all set to be directed by John Singleton, who’s connected to another Diesel franchise having directed 2 Fast 2 Furious (the one Diesel wasn’t in). At least he knows his driving movies though, eh?