Tucked inside a news story discussing the possibility of Guitar Hero becoming a reality show today is an intriguing mention that hit game Call of Duty may be turned into a film. It’s waaaaay early days – the game’s publisher Activision is reportedly in talks, but its CEO won’t even confirm or deny that – but it’s still an intriguing possiblity.

The Call of Duty series so far has five installments, four set in World War II and one in the present day. The first-person-shooters allow you to play alone or in a multiplayer mode (Call of Duty 4, the Modern Warfare one, is very popular with certain members of Empire’s team who play alongside each other online) in different combat styles (tanks!) and battles. According to the cogniscenti, the series is much like the Star Trek films in that the even-numbered instalments are considered superior, but the game’s been widely acclaimed for years.

So if it happens, what storyline should a film follow? And could this be the game movie that finally breaks the curse? Something tells me that any war film could technically be a COD film…Saving Private Ryan anybody?