Starring (the voices of):Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Kiefer Sutherland, Will Arnett, Rainn Wilson, Paul Rudd

Director: Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon

Writers: Maya Forbes, Conrad Vernon

Cinematography: N/A

Original Score:Henry Jackman

Running Time:94 Mins.

Since the minor blip (critically if not at the Box Office) of Shrek the Third, Dreamworks have been getting their act together ever since providing both children and adults alike with some real gems in the animation stakes, last years Kung Fu Panda was a major high point and in my eyes the best film they have made bettering even Shrek 1 & 2 by avoiding those damn pop culture references that severely date a film. Followed up by Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa, which was a huge improvement on the underwhelming original.

Now Dreamworks enter the 3D arena with Monsters vs. Aliens which only serves to show two things, one that animation can be as hilarious as any live action comedy (much like Kung Fu Panda), and two that the 3D phenomenon might just be living up to its promise of making cinema a truly emersive experience.

Unlike Disney’s first major 3D effort, Bolt, Monsters vs. Aliens takes the technology and runs with it, the concept is much better suited to the technology than Bolt was, Monsters AND Aliens in 3D, an embarrassment of riches that! Sodthe dog and the hamster! Of course it does help that your monsters are voiced by Rogen, Laurie and Arnett all funny in their own right but Rogen unsurprisingly is the funniest. Rainn Wilson also impresses hugely as the Alien nemesis.

If there’s a weak link in the voice department it is the coupling of Rudd and Witherspoon both are bland and inject little to no emotion or funny to their characters, from Witherspoon it is no surprise, but it’s shameful that Rogen wasn’t given better to work with as the mysoginistic husband to be of Witherspoon’s Susan (dubbed Ginormica when she is blown to epic proportions through exposure to a meteor).

The plot other than the points I touched on before really do amount to little more than the title but when the laugh rate is this thick and fast it really doesn’t matter. And the action scenes, despite feeling a bit too brief at times, are eye poppingly good enhanced through the use of 3D, I can safely say it’s the first time that the third dimension has really been brought out fully, after this I find it hard to see what James Cameron has up his sleeve in the boundary pushing 3D stakes with Avatar.

Opening in space and taking us through the rocks around Saturn, rather than popping them out at us, you will feel that 3D has pulled you in for the first time. Yes, there are the inevitable things popping out at you moments, but it would be dissapointing if there weren’t a few, however by and large the former is the case, meaning the bigger the screen the better the impact. I can safely say that in Monsters vs. Aliens we have reached the evolution in cinema that was initially promised when 3D became more prominant. 


More than a film the 3D element makes Monsters vs. Aliensa truly original experience utitlising the technology to the full, it helps that this might just be one of the years funniest films too! So that’s the 3D experience covered, how about Monsters vs. Aliens 4D