You may remember the stonkingly ott trailer from the Grindhouse experience. Well, prepare to see a full-length version, with the news that Robert Rodriguez is finally moving ahead with his much-mooted Machete film. That’s due to start shooting in June, Rodriguez co-directing with his editor Ethan Maniquis.

The story, in case you’re in work and can’t recall the trailer, sees day labourer and ex-Federale Machete (Danny Trejo) hired to carry out an assassination, but double-crossed and left for dead. He goes on a quest for revenge against the man responsible. We can only hope that they keep the, “This time they fucked with the wrong Mexican” tagline.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez has also finished a script for Predators, the proposed relaunch of the Predator franchise. Note the “s” on the end of that name; this isn’t a simple remake, it seems, but a take on the franchise that involves multiple dreadlocked freckly-faced polyjawed hunters. Let’s hope it is to Predator what Aliens was to Alien, and not just another disappointing Alien Vs Predator-alike mish-mash of ideas.

But before he does any of this, Rodriguez has to finish work on Nerverackers, a futuristic sci-fi thriller due out in 2010. So now that we’ve got a better idea of his dance card for the next couple of years, which are you most looking forward to?