With all the hub bub about Russell Crowe as Robin Hood, and the confusion throughout as to whether he would play Hood and the Sheriff or both as one person or one person that takes over the Sheriff’s mantle. Let that chatter be at an end for now the official website for Matthew Macfayden has confirmed that he’s been cast as The Sheriff of Nottingham: Matthew’s agent, Christian Hodell, has confirmed that he will be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in the new Robin Hood movie.

Shooting for Matthew will occur in May and June. Don’t know who Matthew Macfayden is? He was last seen in Frost/Nixon I believe. Didn’t see Frost/Nixon? Check out Pride & Prejudice, thats him, no not Colin Firth…the other version! Anyway this is shaping up nicely and Macfayden is a welcome addtion to an already excellent cast that boasts the likes of Crowe, Cate Blanchett and William Hurt.

Though let’s be honest he will never better Alan Rickman so theres little point in trying.

Robin Hood is shooting now and will be released next Summer 2010.