Yesterday it was reported that David Slade was deep in negotiations to direct the third part of the Twilight franchise, Eclipse. Extremely deep, as it turns out, with the British director now officially on board to helm what looks like being the darkest film of the franchise.

With Summit Entertainment switching directors for each film of the series – something that’s worked ok for other big kahuna franchises (Alien and Star Wars, among others) – Slade is certainly an interesting choice to follow Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke behind the camera. With 30 Days Of Night and the excellent Hard Candy on his CV, he’s proved that he can handle tougher material and splash the odd bucket of blood where necessary.

One Twilight ever-present is screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who returns to pen the Eclipse script. Rosenberg will pick up the story in Seattle with the imperilled Bella torn between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob, while trying not to end up as a vampire snack for the vengeful Victoria.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is scheduled for a US release on 30 June 2010.