RocknRolla‘s breakout star (and the best thing in said film) Toby Kebbell is set to join the cast of Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, (very) loosely based on the segment of Fantasia of the same name.He’ll be playing celebrity illusionist Drake Stone, an ally of bad guy Horvath (Alfred Molina).

The film’s currently shooting in New York, and follows a college student (Jay Baruchel) who is reluctantly recruited to work for a sorcerer, Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) and has to take a crash course in magic to battle “dark forces” in Manhattan – including Horvath and Stone, who are searching to gain “ultimate powers”. Teresa Palmer’s the female lead.

Jerry Bruckheimer’s producing, with National Treasure‘s Jon Turteltaub directing, with the results due out in July 2010. You can also see Kebbell and Molina team up as bad guys in a Bruckheimer production in Prince of Persia, by the by. Clearly the pair seem just nefarious enough to give Disney good guys a workout.