Starring:Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Clifton Collins Jr., Ling Bai

Director:Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor

Writers:Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Cinematography:Brandon Trost

Original Score: Mike Patton

Running Time:96 Mins.

Have you seen Crank? If the answer is yes then you will know pretty much what to expect from its sequel Crank: High Voltage, and if you haven’t, well let me just say it is as mad as a bag of spanners! Wall to wall action, shot in a frenetic style that very rarely pauses for breath all taking place around The Stath at his ‘Stathiest’. That is to say dead panning his way through multiple henchmen, and generally kicking ass. If you like neither Statham or films that really are slightly off the hook…stop reading now because quite frankly reviewing Crank: High Voltage is like preaching to the converted.

Still reading, good, well this is one sequel where it picks up seconds from said original with The Stath’s dead/unconscious/comatose body literally being scooped from the floor having fallen from a helicopter, well, no-one said this was realistic, and it all goes more bat-shit crazy from there, plot here is really limited to Stath’s Chev Chelios having his super-human style heart replaced with an electric model that requires regular jolts in order to keep it pumping, and Chev pumped. When I say pumped I mean crashing, literally crashing, his way around the city in the search of his own ‘Strawberry tart’as he puts it. Make no mistake this is one violent crusade, much like its forebear, people are shot (alot!), nipples are chopped off, machetes are wielded and most memorably of all shotguns dipped in oil are inserted into very undesirable places.

But extreme violence is common-place in the cinemas you shout, well yes but not in the jittery way Neveldine and Taylor do it, imagine the Bourne style of shooting on steroids, this doesn’t mean that the action is over edited simply it has a great energy that never gives u a chance to think, which in hindsight really is a good thing, for thinking about Crank: High Voltage does it very little favours. This is purely a turn your brain of and prepare for it to be mashed, and if thats your thing well your going to love it.

Occasionally the stupidity dips a little too low and you have to draw the line when Chev and his opponent grow to Godzilla sized people complete with giant caricature heads or the use of a past villains head still being kept alive in a tank, but these are forgettable flaws amongst the ongoing craziness. Holding it all together once again is The Stath, while he’s never going to be the worlds best actor his persona harks back to the action hero’s of the long lost 80’s (which might explain Sly Stalline recruiting him for The Expendables) actioners. His cockney slang is great and it is he that ensures the tone is kept firmly tongue in cheek, with this in mind the support cast struggle to find their place amongst all the craziness, never really sure which side of ott they should be on, all except Amy Samrt who manages to look drop dead gorgeous regardless of what she wears though the repeat of the originals public sex scene is a step too far and feels totally pointless, but then again the whole film in retrospect is, pointless.


Do you like The Stath, do you like your films completely off the wall and ready to mash your brain to a pulp with non-stop action that ott seems too mild a term to describe, well Crank: High Voltage is for you.