Back in March the Cobra Commander movie action figure was revealed for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie and like our own George “El Guapo” Roush said, it looked pretty fucking retarded.  Now I know a Destro image was leaked out and if you thought that Cobra Commander looked stupid, the Destro figure looked even worse. Actually, it looked like Dr Doom was making a special cameo.

“That toy is not my face. It’s a mask. I like that I get to keep my face,” he said. “It has less to do with me and more to do with this character that I helped create. That’s more thrilling to me. It’s this thing that was born out of a creative, collaborative process between me and a bunch of other people that all worked on creating this character.”

Now I know there is a lot of bad buzz of how bad this G.I. Joe movie is going to be and all these other sites are just bashing it cause it doesn’t live up to their standards…I see it like I see the Crank movies, just plain fun, nothing serious about it, and just like Joseph Gordon-Levitt said It’s a movie that is meant to bring you to the theater, have a great time and then carry on with your afternoon.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt spoke to the Associated Press about the Cobra Commander action figure and how it’s just a mask, and not his actual face:

And according to Gordon-Levitt he says the villain’s look was the main reason he signed on for the movie:

“The way the character looks, that’s what ultimately convinced me to do the part,” he says. “I saw the designs and drawings of the way they interpreted my character for this movie – the costume, the whole getup – and I was like, ‘Oh, wow. I get to be that guy? Fantastic. Sign me up. Please. Thank you.'”

Also, it’s not big news that he is playing Cobra Commander. That’s old news!

Check out G.I. Joe in August.