Elizabeth Shue has signed on to join Alexandre Aja’s 3D remake of cult 1978 horror hokum Piranha, which will see her tussling with the sharp-toothed terrors as the sheriff of a small lakeside community in Arizona. While Joe Dante’s original was a gleefully bloody send-up of Jaws, we can probably expect a more po-faced approach from Mirrors and The Hills Have Eyes director Aja, whose CV is conspiciously light on insane silliness.

Lest we forget, Dante’s piranhas were the product of the top-secret ‘Operation Razortooth’, in which the mutant fish of fury were being trained to help turn the tide of the Vietnam War by, well, eating the North Vietnamese Army. Piranha 3D starts filming in May, and sees Shue defending her family from a lake infested by the bitey blighters, with Adam Scott providing back-up as a diver with the US Geological Service. I

t’s safe to say Shue’s career hasn’t developed quite as expected after her stunning turn in Leaving Las Vegas – could Aja’s three-dimensional dip into piranha-infested water signal the beginning of a comeback for the Oscar-nominated winner?

Piranha 3D opens Stateside on March 19, 2010.