Do you see why people continue to shove Twitter down your collective throats? Not only do you get to follow your favorite internet writer, but you also get to follow actors, directors, producers and screenwriters.

Frank Marshall is just one of the many Hollywood elite who use Twitter to updates fans on what’s going on with their current projects. It’s instant news that’s accessible to anyone. I know Favreau tries to update us as much as he can on Iron Man 2’s progress.

Yesterday Frank wrote about another sequel to Bourne:

Bourne4 is in the works for Summer 2111.

(He corrected himself later by saying 2011.)

Frank also wrote about the script and who was penning it:

Bourne4 script in the works.

George Nolfi is the writer of Bourne4, should have a draft by June.

Good news for Bourne fans waiting for the 4th installment!