Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster

Director: Justin Lin

Screenplay: Chris Morgan, Gry Scott Thompson

Cinematography: Amir M. Mokri

Original Score: Brian Tyler

Running Time: 107 Mins.

Hollywood rule 101, if your movie career is stalling, return to safe ground, i.e. your star making franchise. With this in mind we have all four main stars reuniting for Fast & Furious or FF4 for thie first time since The Fast & The Furious, clearly the definitive article is now uncool! 

This time around we have Diesel and Walker reuniting as con and FBI agent respectively with one common enemy, no surprise there and once again the rest of the plot will fit on the back of a postage stamp. But this is a Fast & Furious film after all, so let’s face it, who is really here for the plot, or acting for that matter, and the less said about the cliche stuffed script the better.

Diesel is as ever gravel voiced and, for reasons best left undisclosed here, even more moody this time around, ok so he CAN do moody but the guy really struggles to emote any other emotion delivering his one liners with the usual aplomb and servng up some memorable kills, what more could we ask of the guy. While Paul Walker again offers up the ‘blonde Keanu’ bit he has down pat, if FBI agents were all this chilled out America would have even more problems, or maybe they wouldn’t! Completing the original quartet are the girls, both along for the ride, and both with very little to do, as ever, seemingly there just so the tagline ‘new model, original parts’ could be used, come on Jordana your worth more than this (not too sure about Rodriguez!). 

So to the action, well rather than helmer of the original, Rob Cohen, who moved onwards and urm…upwards (Stealth, anyone!) we have he who made FF3 aka Tokyo Drift returning, Justin Lin. It is Lin whom is the films saving grace, elevated from ignonimy by some top notch direction and, obviously, car chases he injects the film with the pace and frantic action thrills needed to forget that your watching what may as well be two lumps of wood acting.

The opening chase alone is one of the freshest action scenes in recent memory, despite having seen something similar in Transformers, Bad Boys 2 and countless other high brow action-ers Lin takes us on a breathless weave in and out of a petrol tanker down unbelievable treacherous mountain tracks, but that is just the beginning and bar the use of sav-nav in one race Lin never drops the ball climaxing in another mountain based crash-a-thon, melding CGI and stunts in a wholly believable AND exciting way climaxing in one of the greatest car based OTT kills ever seen, bah, who needs a script!


Heavy on action and light on everything else, well it’s Fast & Furious…what did you expect!